Ovarian Cancer 101 – Because you NEED to know
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The Frightening Facts

Ovarian cancer has always been thought of as a “silent killer” but research shows this to be untrue. It is more of a disease that “whispers. There ARE symptoms, unfortunately they may be so subtle and vague that they are attributed to other benign conditions.

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance conducted a survey in which 89% of women were unaware of ovarian cancer symptoms before being diagnosed. However, 81% of the respondents realize in hindsight that symptoms existed before diagnosis, with these symptoms being confused with irritable bowel syndrome, pre-menopause, stress, acid reflux, endometriosis, gall bladder issues or other ailments.
Correct diagnoses occur only slightly more often than incorrect diagnoses. Only 59% of women are correctly diagnosed, but at least 41% of women are treated for other conditions before being diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

These are scary statistics considering the advances made in early detection and pre-screening tools used to detect other forms of cancer.

What can you do?