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Awareness Signs & Symptom Cards
Free by request to display at local businesses, offices etc. Just visit our Shop

Sisters in Strength Gynecologic Cancer Support Group
This open format group provides women with an opportunity to share personal experiences and learn from others. The focus is on empowerment, stress management and developing healthy, effective ways to cope with cancer-related issues. This group is facilitated by a social worker and gyn cancer survivor. The group is offered, free of charge, to any woman in the community, regardless of where she is receiving treatment. Meetings are held at 6:30 pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month at CapeSpace, 100 Independence Drive, Hyannis (entrance is in the back of the building).

Peer Mentoring
Sometimes helping others is a good way to help oneself. As an ovarian cancer survivor, your experience can be of benefit to someone newly diagnosed, to someone who wants to talk to a fellow survivor or to someone else who is in recurrence Your participation in helping may truly make a difference in another person’s life. We make every effort to match a woman with a new or recurrent diagnosis of ovarian cancer seeking 1-to-1 support with an ovarian cancer survivor. Through this program, local women seeking this support can find a safe peer mentor relationship with a volunteer who understands the experience of an ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Resource Guide
A complete guide covering ovarian cancer facts, genetic considerations, managing treatment, survivorship and more. The guide also includes area (Cape Cod & the Islands) resources for support and financial assistance. Download here

Bags of Hope and Comfort
These complimentary bags include information and items intended to provide support and comfort to Cape Cod and Islands women who receive an ovarian cancer diagnosis. If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and are currently in treatment, Ovarian Cancer 101 (OC101) will provide a free bag of items to you for use during chemo & beyond. These bags include a copy of OC101’s Ovarian Cancer Resource Guide, a reusable teal ribbon tote bag, a blanket, slipper socks, insulated lunch bag, water bottle, items to help with chemo side effects, and more!